Four interesting tips that can help you to become a basketball pro

Basketball is a game that tests your strength and flexibility. It is important to plan your game and have players at the correct place. It is widely watched around the world and huge amount of people visit the stadium to experience the game live. Some of the tips that can help a person to become a basketball pro are:

Passing the ball

Passing is known to be one of the most important elements of the game. You need to find an open player and pass the ball cleverly. There are two types of passes that are commonly used by the player. One is the bounce pass and the other is the chest pass. When you use the chest pass tactics then the ball travels to your teammate directly through the chest area without any bounce. This is the best way to pass the ball as it goes directly to your team mate without any hurdle. In the bounce pass you need to send the ball to your team mate in one bounce. This can be a bit risky as there are chances of opponent team players to spot the ball and catch it. You need to be clever and tackle it in such a way so that it passes on smoothly without much hindrance.

Ball handling

Whether you are a pro or a newbie you would always understand the importance of ball handling. Only a professional can teach your clever ball handling techniques that helps in moving past your opponent smoothly. Whether it is any sport or a simple roof repair service, you will always require the help of a professional. If you have been looking for a professional roof replacement service in the Indiana region then you can try out South Bend roof repairs. Similarly, kids who are on the lookout for any professional basketball coach should look for an experienced person. Ball handling involves circle dribbles, tipping, drops, power dribble and various other interesting techniques.

Defense techniques

Having a proper defense is equally important in any sport and it can have a big impact on the game. While moving through the court and defending the ball make sure that your hands are always active. Speed, flexibility and movement of hands are some of the most important factors of the game. You should keep your eye on the opponents and their movement. Instead of keeping you focus on the ball your main focus should be on the movement of your opponents. You must bend your legs properly and make sure that you jump at the right time. Stealing the ball and jump higher enables the player to score more points. Properly bending the legs, while moving on the court, helps in getting the right jump.

Shooting the ball

Make sure you shoot the ball at the right time. You cannot master this technique without learning it from an expert. Shooting is the area where most of the players suffer. Holding the ball on the tips of the hand and releasing it at the right time makes sure that you shoot it properly to the basket.

Basketball: An Entertaining and Refreshing Game


Since the rainy day on a chilly morning in the year 1891 when Dr. James Naismith exhorted his students to play an indoor game with a ball to keep them engaged in the gym class, basketball has come a long way. The first game of basketball was played with a netted basket that was installed at a height of 3 m from the ground, and unlike the modern version, its bottom or based was closed. Players, very soon realized the inconvenience of netting the ball inside the bottomed hoop and the base was subsequently done away with in future games. The first competitive game was played out in Albany, NY in the YMCA gymnasium in 1892 on 20th January.  Since then, the umpteen versions of the game have been played, and presently it is a popular sport in many countries where national and international meets are routinely organized.

Rules of the Game

Basketball is essentially a team game where two competing sides attempt to possess the ball in order to put the same inside the hoop on the opponent’s side. Each team is made up of five participants and the game is played out on a rectangular-shaped court which is sectioned into two halves. A line running right through the center of the court serves as the boundary and the player or players of any side has to run the entire course in order to throw the ball in the net in a ten-second time-span failing which the opposing side gets possession of the ball.

Widespread Popularity

One needs to have a high level of physical fitness in order to efficiently maneuver the various techniques associated with handling the ball including dribbling, rebounding, passing and shooting. Once you master the techniques of playing basketball, you’ll surely find the game extraordinary refreshing and entertaining. The game is hugely popular in USA where its popularity can be gauged by the regular staging of the NBA since 1946. Basketball enthusiasts will surely be familiar with the big names of Michael Jordan, Kobe, LeBron, and Shaq.



Basic Skills Required to master the Game of


  •   Basketball

To play basketball like a pro, you’d first need to pick up the basic skills of dribbling, rebounding, running, passing, shooting, offense, and defense. And in order to master the aforementioned skills, you’d need to be physically fit and active. Regular practice coupled with participation in sporting competition and meets are also critical in honing the skills. To become a professional, focus on developing your skills in the following areas:-

  • Dribbling

Dribbling is one critical skill that you’d have to master so that you can start excelling in the game and the sooner you do, the better it is for you. Dribbling skills enable you to surge ahead, sidestepping opponents without losing control over the ball. Dribbling dexterously with both your hands would be the ultimate goal.

  • Rebounding

Rebounding is another skill that comes in extremely handy with regards to snatching the ball from the opponent player and holding on it. In order to learn rebounding fast, you’d have to be a quick mover combined with the ability to make big leaps. You’d also need to learn to balance yourself while running, leaping, dodging and dribbling.

  • Passing

As basketball is an out and out team game, you’d have to be a good passer if you want to throw the ball inside the hoop. The quicker you’re able to lob the ball in a way so that your teammates are able to grab it, the sooner the score will go up.

  • Shooting

There are numerous shooting types that can be imbibed but the ones you’d have to focus on most are free throws, layups, and jump shots. Shooting skills will enable you to toss the ball and direct the same towards the hoop.  

  • Offense

You’d need to be aggressive to become adept in the offensive strategies which in the long run will offer greater options to your teammates to score.

  • Defense

Preventing your opponents from snatching the ball and creating blocks in order to keep them from scoring are defensive techniques that you’d surely need to become acquainted with.


Details about Rating or Evaluating Baseball


Those who pursued philately or numismatics as a pastime will surely get nostalgic while collecting baseball cards. Creating a worthwhile collection of the sought-after baseball cards from scratch can be quite an engaging and immersive experience on one hand. Alternatively, the task of amassing an enviable collection can be quite laborious and hectic, and time-consuming. If you’re interested in building up a saleable collection, then it is important for you to pick up the basics of grading these cards. Grading or rating the cards is essential for establishing the condition and consequently the exchangeable value of the cards.

The need to grade cards

The typical baseball card collector stockpiles the cards with the objective of showcasing his collection to other collectors in order to determine the net value of his compilation. The ultimate aim is to increase the net worth of his collection as against the compilations of his competitors. In order to achieve this objective, he may resort to purchasing of high-value cards. On the other hand, he may even sell a few cards from his collection to earn some fast bucks. And for trading in baseball cards, it is critical to know the nitty-gritty of ranking the cards as awareness of grading parameters will help the collector to assess the value of a card before he intends to purchase or fix a price prior to selling.

The grading basics

Baseball cards are graded on the basis of four distinct yardsticks-surface texture, creases or wrinkles, state of corners, and centering. Centering has to do with the image of the baseball player; corners or edge condition implies whether these are rounded, fuzzy or eroded; have light, medium or heavy creases, and surface texture means the card-bed should be completely consistent smooth and free from wrinkles, scratches, distortions, and so on. After you’re cognizant about the grading criterions, you can start evaluating based on ten distinct rating levels including but not limited to GEM-MT, MINT, NM-MT, and NM.