•   Basketball

To play basketball like a pro, you’d first need to pick up the basic skills of dribbling, rebounding, running, passing, shooting, offense, and defense. And in order to master the aforementioned skills, you’d need to be physically fit and active. Regular practice coupled with participation in sporting competition and meets are also critical in honing the skills. To become a professional, focus on developing your skills in the following areas:-

  • Dribbling

Dribbling is one critical skill that you’d have to master so that you can start excelling in the game and the sooner you do, the better it is for you. Dribbling skills enable you to surge ahead, sidestepping opponents without losing control over the ball. Dribbling dexterously with both your hands would be the ultimate goal.

  • Rebounding

Rebounding is another skill that comes in extremely handy with regards to snatching the ball from the opponent player and holding on it. In order to learn rebounding fast, you’d have to be a quick mover combined with the ability to make big leaps. You’d also need to learn to balance yourself while running, leaping, dodging and dribbling.

  • Passing

As basketball is an out and out team game, you’d have to be a good passer if you want to throw the ball inside the hoop. The quicker you’re able to lob the ball in a way so that your teammates are able to grab it, the sooner the score will go up.

  • Shooting

There are numerous shooting types that can be imbibed but the ones you’d have to focus on most are free throws, layups, and jump shots. Shooting skills will enable you to toss the ball and direct the same towards the hoop.  

  • Offense

You’d need to be aggressive to become adept in the offensive strategies which in the long run will offer greater options to your teammates to score.

  • Defense

Preventing your opponents from snatching the ball and creating blocks in order to keep them from scoring are defensive techniques that you’d surely need to become acquainted with.